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When selecting a contact to add the email address to, the user can choose any of the stored contacts on the iPhone, revealing their phone numbers, email or addresses. S iri has gradually become more intelligent since it was introduced on the iPhone 4S in , in an attempt to allow users to quickly do tasks without having to unlock the phone and open an app, but this has created the opportunity to exploit it to access otherwise hidden material.

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In many scenarios, Siri will cut off access to personal information before it can be accessed, but this bug appears to have been missed. Apple may introduce a fix for this, but at the moment the only way to prevent it is to disable certain Siri functions.

If you want to make sure Siri can't access your address book or photos, the best way is simply to turn off access to Siri when the iPhone is locked. If you still want to use Siri when your phone is locked, you can still block access to your photos, but the hack will still be able to access your contacts. To do this, go to Settings, then Privacy, then select Photos and deselect Siri.

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Most often a quick glance is already enough and it is known. Even the Touch ID does not fully solve this issue, because after an unsuccessful fingerprint scan, the PIN opportunity to access the iPhone is also offered. Protect your iPhone and smartphone from unauthorized access now and catch unauthorized intruders in the act, who want to spy and read e. Catch your curious, suspicious or jealous partner, your girlfriend, wife, husband, parents, children, siblings, friends or colleagues. Just double-press Home and swipe up.

As it turns out, you can also take photographs from the multitasking menu without anyone ever knowing. It's actually quite simple. To take secretive photographs, open up the Camera app as you normally would.

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From there, double-press your Home button to bring up multitasking view left screenshot below. Now, swipe across and go through your rolodex of running apps and park your screen anywhere right screenshot below. Now you can press the Volume up button and it will take pictures without showing anything on your screen's viewfinder.