Why my husband cheated on me

Veronica, that sounds incredibly painful.

Being cheated on can leave you ’emotionally destroyed’ — here’s how to move on

I really admire your commitment to your marriage and to keeping your family together. Imagine her surprise when her husband came home and said he was sorry. He missed her. He loved her. As far as I know, he has been faithful ever since, the intimacy restored. You can keep your family together and inspire your husband to be his best self so you can have the intimacy you deserve. I am on the fence whether to stay or leave. Mostly l want to stay. My husband and l were very happy for 25 years and then he started to act different.

He was distant and cool.

Then he stopped going to bed with me till late at night. Then l find he was having sex talk with women on line and actually met one to find she was huge and ugly. My son found out what he was doing and that stopped. He was also watching porn and my son found out. This is in a 3 year span.

Ask Ammanda: My husband keeps cheating | Relate

I forgave and let go. Then l found out he was sleeping with a 23 year old prostatute for several months who happened to be my sons wifes cousin and they found out and told me. I was so broken.

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  • My husband cheated on me and now I’m disgusted by the idea of sex.

He choose to stay but l cryed ,got angry and questioned him and we went for counselling. I was the one who vented and he was suttle and indifferent. He says he loves me very much and tryed to make it work but l blew it with little remarks or respect etc. Two years later he started to pull away and get sarcastic and cool and the sex completely stopped and he started to sleep on the couch. He was going to leave.

I was a mess. I was smothering him he said and depended on him for everything. I found your book and read it and started to apply your 6 intamacy skills and 4 months later he moved back to our bed and says he is staying but doesnt want sex or hugs or any intamacy. He can be so nice and then very sarcastic.

He just wants to be good friends but do our own thing as well. I miss what we used to have and it gets very hard not to run out when he gets cool and distant. I feel like l am not doing any thing right and it is tuffer when both my parents are very ill and l have to help care for them. I am acting happy and doing things for myself but feel like he only cares about his needs.

I am so lost. Why is he being this way. We were so very close for 25 years and have been together for It sounds exhausting. I hear that, deep down, you want to stay married. I admire your awareness and your profound commitment to your marriage and to learning the Skills. I still remember how painful it was to be on the fence in my marriage. I would love to give you the support to have the connection you once had.

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  5. My Husband Cheated on Me;
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  7. My husband and I have been separated for about five months. He left saying that he felt that I was too controlling and that he had lost all faith in our relationship. I noticed some changes in our interactions, and we started talking again. Should I tell him, I know so everything is out? How do I continue to focus if I just want to cry when I remember they are together? That is heartbreaking. Your commitment to saving your marriage with the Intimacy Skills is remarkable.

    One of my coaches struggled to keep her focus when her husband moved out and was having an affair. She had to choose her marriage and her faith on a daily basis. But as she continued practicing the Intimacy Skills, she attracted him back, and their marriage is now stronger than ever. I would love to give you more tools to help you maintain your focus, make decisions like whether to tell him you know, and save your marriage.

    We have a beautiful almost 2 year old daughter. The 4th time I was done, I had packed all his stuff waiting for him at the door. Well, we are currently on vacation as a family in another country. I found out his behavior had continued. I feel like he has betrayed me at every step. I offered for us to have an open marriage, and the possibility of bringing people in. He flat out said no. I hurt so much. My husband and I have been married for four years and been together for 9 years. Things has already ended between this person and I. We have been working so hard to fix our marriage but a couple months ago I started noticing frightening behaviours.

    Anyways I ended up finding out that he cheated on me with one of his friends. I had already asked him many times what was going on because he was spending more time with her than me and texting her all the time very unlike him and he constitently said they were just friends. I think deep down I already knew and I have already dealt with the anger and sadness and the hurt.

    My Husband Cheated on Me

    I just want him to tell me the truth so that I can ask my questions and move on with our lives. Does it make me crazy for not even feeling mad? My husband told me 4 months ago, a week after we had our daughter, that he loved me but was not in love with me. I was devastated.

    We have been separated for about 2 months now. Him living with some friends. He says there is no one else. We work for the same company and there are tons of rumors of him being with another co-worker. He denies it. We still ha e contact and hang out occasionally. I wish he would see his daughter more. I read your blogs daily. Which seem to be helping a little. I was wondering if you did payments? Or does it have to be all at once. I have a good support group but could use a little extra help.

    I just want my husband back. And I try really hard to not think of the other women. This must be so painful, but your courage is inspiring. We do have a payment plan, and my team has reached out to you. There is every reason for you to be hopeful.

    '6 Signs I Completely Missed When My Husband Was Cheating On Me'

    I found out not from him that my husband had an affair 4 months after it was over. I had lasted 18 months. He would not talk about it, so I went to her. She told me everything. He swore that he loved me, that she was the only one and wanted to work things out.